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Frequently Asked Questions
Business Insurance

What do I need to know about Business Insurance?

Business Insurance, also called Commercial Insurance, is a label applied to a suite of insurance products aimed at protecting businesses from loss.  Types of insurance considered Business Insurance include:  Workers' Compensation, Business Property, Liability, Commercial Auto, Group Health & Disability, and many more.  Note however, many people will use this term when only referring to commercial Property and Liability coverage.

Since businesses vary widely, many with unique needs of coverage, we strongly recommend you contact us to go over the needs for your business.

Rather than purchasing separate property and liability coverage, many businesses choose to combine them together in what's known as a Business Owner's Package policy (or BOP). For eligible small and medium-sized businesses, a BOP is a comprehensive package that can offer a savings in the cost of insurance.   You should understand that a BOP's liability coverage has less flexibility in determining your coverage limits for particular claims. Also, it's important to know that a BOP does not include professional liability insurance, which protects you from losses or expenses resulting from claims of errors or omissions or negligence in your business.  Crime coverage including robbery, burglary and even employee dishonesty may also be purchased.

Loss of income is typically included in the Business Owner Package, in case you have to close or relocate your business due of a covered loss. 

What are my coverage options? 

Because we work with so many insurance providers, we offer a wide range of coverages, as well as an array of choices for limits and deductibles. If you own a business, our agents will tailor a business policy that is most appropriate for your business. 

What are the benefits of Commercial Auto Insurance?

Liability Coverage: In case you are sued as a result of an at fault auto accident.
Collision Coverage: Helps cover physical damage to your vehicle due to collision or upset.
Comprehensive Coverage: Helps cover physical damage to your vehicle due to fire, theft and glass breakage.
Rental Reimbursement Coverage: Helps cover the cost of a replacement vehicle for a specified period of time when your vehicle is disabled due to an insured loss.
Hired and Non-owned Auto: Provides Liability coverage for your company when you or your employee are in an "at fault" accident while on company business driving their own vehicle or driving a vehicle rented in the company name.

What are the benefits of Workers Compensation Insurance? 

For starters, if your business has employees it's highly likely Worker's Compensation Insurance is required by the laws of your state.  High penalties are a possibility if state mandates are ignored. 

Workers compensation insurance provides coverage for medical treatment and limited replacement of lost wages when there is a work related injury or illness. It promotes a positive and healthy work environment. 

What are the benefits of Business Owners Insurance?

Commercial insurance is designed to help protect your business against a financial loss that might otherwise destroy or cause an interruption in your business.  One of the most valuable benefits of your business insurance package might also be the "defense cost," in case of a law suit.  Other provisions and protection are against:

damage or destruction to your business vehicles
certain liability exposures resulting from the operation of your business vehicles
damage or destruction to your office equipment or inventory
loss of income in case you have to close-up shop temporarily because of a covered loss
certain business related liability exposures such as, wrongful entry or search, libel, slander and even certain offenses arising out of your business's advertising
risks to your cargo while in transit or storage as well as risk of loss to business personal property, such as lap top computers while away from the business location
theft or loss of tools and equipment
crime coverage including robbery, burglary, even employee dishonesty

What are the Benefits of Liability Insurance?

Liability Insurance for businesses is intended to protect employers and businesses from lawsuits and similar claims.  

There are many types of liability insurance.  Often businesses need multiple liability coverages above the common and broad business liability insurance called General Liability.   


To help explain, let's look at what General Liability Coverage includes:
Bodily Injury Liability Coverage: Help protect you in case injuries occur to other people resulting from your operations.
Property Damage Liability Coverage: Protection in case damage occurs to the property of others.
Personal Injury Liability Coverage: Helps provide you with protection for offenses such as false arrest, libel, slander and wrongful entry.
Advertising Injury Liability Coverage: Helps cover your legal liability for a variety of offenses arising out of the advertising of your business, your goods and services or labeling.

My business is incorporated. Do I still need business insurance? 

The structure of the entity or business, such as incorporation, is helpful and provides protection for the owner and their personal assets, but does not protect the business against law suits and does not render business insurance irrelevant. There are many, many risks involved in owning and operating a business and insurance is a way of shifting that risk to the insurance company.

What deductibles should I consider? 

The majority of business insurance policies carry a minimum deductible of $250 per claim. Higher deductibles will decrease your annual premiums and thus reduce the cost of your business insurance. Contact us about all possible deductibles before making a decision.


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